Survivor #4 Order Up!

I was cooking in the kitchen of my restaurant when they came for us. I was in that kitchen for about five minutes to add the finishing touches to the plate but when I came back out, all hell had broken loose - literally.

I always knew zombies were bad for business.

The zombies had smashed the windows in order to crawl in. My customers were screaming and running around like headless chickens. Those that hadn't managed to move fast enough were now lying on the floor writhing in agony; either from a bite or because they were now dinner for the zombies.

I swore at the havoc. A few zombies heard be and turned to stare. I smiled casually at them. "Uh, hi! Hungry?" I asked and threw the plates I carried into their faces before spinning and sprinting back into the kitchen. There was another exit out the back but a few hot plates of food didn't stop the zombies for long: they were mere irritants, like flies were to humans.

They persued me with unusual speed.

Aren't zombies supposed to shuffled along - you know: slowly!? I thought furiously as I ran. I knocked as many things over to try and slow them down yet it did no good - those things were relentless.

My staff stared at me, as I sprinted by, like I'd gone mad.

"Run!" I screamed, "There are zom-"

My words were drowned out by screams as the first zombies struck. I didn't hesitate. I kept running, grabbing a long carving knife along the way, until I was outside. I glanced back and breathed a sigh of relief when no zombies followed. I turned around to continued running...

And swore loudly (again) as two zombies loomed up in front of me. I lashed out, swinging the knife like a madwoman. I managed to hit one in the neck with enough strength to severe the spinal cord but I couldn't jerk it back out. I gave up as the second zombie approched; gurgling incoherent words. I couldn't quite make them out but I got the feeling that they weren't complimentary to me.

Desperately, I glanced around for any weapon as I backed away. As a last resort, I hopped on one leg in an attempt to pull off my shoe.

The zombie was too fast.

I did something I'd never done before in my life.

I screamed.

I'll admit, I never knew I had it in me. The scream was so shrill and long that even the zombie flinched.

The moment of hesitation cost it its life.

I heard gunshots and covered my head as zombie... remains splattered all over me. I cautiously removed my arms to peer at my saviour; wrinkling my nose at the disgusting... gunge all over me.

"Gee, thanks," I said, sarcastically, shaking as much of the blood and brains off me.

"Someone had to shut you up," he grinned, "As tempted as I was, I decided to shoot the zombie instead of you. Come on, let's go to a safe place where you can clean up."

He held out a hand. I stared at it before sighing, theatrically.

"Well, as eager as I am to fight more zombies, I suppose it'd be just plain rude not to take you up on your offer," I winked, "The zombies can wait another day."

The End

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