Survivor #3 - Home Run

The local news anchor claimed the zombie contagion wasn't widespread, then smiled at the camera. He probably thought it was a reassuring smile, but I just thought it was fake. He turned his head to look at something off camera, then I heard an ear splitting scream. At first I thought it came from back stage, then I realized it was coming from him. It was the first time I had ever seen a real expression on his face, and it was total abject terror.

Stupidly, I looked in the direction he was facing, to see what he was screaming at. Obviously I couldn't see backstage behind the camera. I didn't have to crane my neck for long, though. Two lumpy bags of pus and guts that used to be people rushed the anchor man, and went straight for his head. The poor guy didn't even get all the way out of his chair before they one of them sucked his left eyeball out through his ear. The other one chewed his nose right off. Talk about losing face - the hard way!

I watched all this, glued to my sofa cushions. As horrible as it was, I couldn't look away. Then the screen went dark. Strangely, I could still hear the screams, although the guy had already lost his mouth, and the TV was off anyway. Then I heard the banging on my door, which I ignored  because I was  feeling too nauseous  to entertain guests. Suddenly the door was pushed in by half a dozen overly zealous zombies. I didn't stick around to welcome them to my home.

I ran for the back door, through the kitchen. I reached into the open broom closet and grabbed my Louisville slugger. I hadn't played baseball for years, but I was pretty sure I could still swing that old bat with some confidence. I opened the back door just as two of the zombies came after me. I slammed the door in their faces, and hightailed it to my neighbour's house. He had a basement to hide in, I didn't.

Those creatures sure could move fast. I barely got to my neighbour's door when all six of them ran toward me. They must have broken down my back door. They couldn't just turn the knob and open it because that requires brain function, and they're well ... dead. His door was face down on the living room floor, so there could be more zombies inside the house. I turned to go back out, but the ones from my place were already crowding in. One of them ran at me, so I quickly took my batters up stance, and swung at its head. The bat connected with a loud thump and squish. The head took leave of its body and sailed over the heads of the other zombies, out the door opening, and down the street.

Home run! I thought.

Two more came at me, and I was only able to bash in the skull of one of them, before the other one grabbed my bat and threw it aside. I turned and ran toward the basement door, but all four of the remaining zombies caught up with me. I screamed my head off just as one of them grabbed my arm and tried to bite into it. I tried pulling away, but the thing was strong.

Get down!” A voice yelled behind me.

I ducked as best I could, when a spray of bullets mowed down the one that had my arm. When I was free of it, looked behind me, where my neighbour stood in the basement doorway amid quite a pile of Zombie bodies.

Hurry up, get down in the basement. You'll be safer there.”

He let me get down two steps before he closed the door and put a metal bar across it. He must have drilled a hole into each side of the door frame just recently to fit the bar into, because there was still sawdust on the top step. He led me down the steps where a girl was waiting for us. I wondered how long the three of us could hold out.

The End

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