Survivor #2: Kick-ass

"Guahhhh!" the zombies groan shoving against the door. I skidded foreward but slammed my body back against the door against the hord. I pull out my knife that I'd grabbed and stabbed at the hand waving through the gap in the door.

An arm hit the ground and continued squirming. I squeal and slam the heel on my dr martins down hard. The arm splatters beneath the force. The rotten flesh twitching before stopping its movement. "Urgh" I groan feeling sick rise to my mouth at the vile scent. I put a hand over my mouth.

Then the force on the door suddenly doubles and I go flying forward onto the ground. I pull my body in as I roll and stumble to my feet. I scream at the hoard of zombies. I grab my knife off the ground and slice the throat of the first zombie. I slice out continuely. Then... KABOOM!

Zombie gut, skin, bone... Let's just say rotten Zombie gush spalshes everywhere. Beyond the splattered of mush stand two people. A man and a grinning young girl with a detonator in hand.

"Who are you?" I grunt wiping the mush of my jeans and shirt. Then out of my eyes feeling sick when I find it on my lips. I shivered disgusted and shove the knife through my belt where it hangs.

"We're the survivors" the man says.

"GWAHHH!!" Zombie voices scream.

"Hurry!" the girl yells. I race through the mush hearing it squelch beneath my feet. I'm just glad to be alive.

The End

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