The 2nd Annual Protagonize Zombie Apocalypse

Welcome, gals and ghouls to the 2nd annual Protagonize Zombie Apocalypse game!

Last year I was in the middle of my tour in Afghanistan when I decided that we needed something special for Halloween.

I was on guard duty on the rooftop of a mud hut staring into the darkness of the Panjwai countryside when the idea donned on me.

Protagonize needed to get infected! So I started the first infections and invited my victims to come write a short story about how their characters became zombies.

This year I'd like to add a new twist to the game.

This year we're going to have both zombies and survivors battle it out!

Go forth and recruit your friends to fight against the undead hord, or if you'd rather shamble through Protagonize in undead bliss, take a bite out of your buddies and start your trudging march toward world domination!

It's your choice!

How it works :

To recruit a friend to either be a survivor or a zombie with you, simply post on their profile that they've been bitten (to be a zombie) or rescued (to be a survivor).

Those who've been recruited then have to write a short (or long) story about their character, how they became a zombie or how they were saved and became a survivor!

Today it's October 3rd, by the 31st who will be dominant?

The undead hordes? or the remanence of the human race?

The End

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