June 22nd- The 2009 Protagonists Diary

Dear Diary..

Someone put the date down for the 22nd so, I really shouldn't post this until tomorrow.  However, I ask that you all be patient with me and allow me my idiosyntricities...  Today is fathers day and tomorrow would have been my dads 90th birthday..

I have finally stopped crying when I mention him but, I would love to hear another one of his stories.

I have some regrets, I wish I could have seen him before he passed away and, I wish I had not been so much like him, then we would have talked more, we would have hashed out whatever differences we had and moved on in life, instead we stood stagnant afraid to pick up the phone and start the conversation.. We sent messages, cryptic messages that said, I love you in it's own way.. 

So now, hold tight to what you have, cause it's gone way before you're ready for it to leave, as if you would ever be..

Wow, E.J. Batchan.. I miss you soooo much!

Happy father's day

The End

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