June 9,2009

once more i find myself writing in the diary days after the title. I hope this isnt a habit haha. Anyway, i'm on a sort of break from my writing at the moment. I fear that using my skills to come up with something for my creative writing assessment last month must have bled me all but dry of lucrative ideas for my stories. Sometimes the glimpse of an idea with flash through my head briefly illuminated as though by lightning but vanishing once more into the dark void that is my mind in the blink of an eye (or if ur a brain scientist even less than that, just to satisfy peoples needs)

My drama is over for another year leaving me with more time for sleep and contemplation on what words will flow from my fingers next. Hopefully i'll be able to put chapter 5 of Raven's tale up soon. I'm already receiving good vibes from people on here and elsewhere about it. Time for the old creativity to burn bright again me thinks ;)

Night all.


The End

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