June 5th 2009- Protagonist's Diary

Hello Protagonists Diary..

So glad to see people come back and put their experiences here.  I just couldn't write any more, I mean my life is just not that exciting.  Anyway, I have writers block, I have crap on the brain and even with that, my brain just keeps going and going and going.. never sleeping, entertaining any and whatever thought comes to mind.

The Dandelions are fine, they will be here tomorrow, in a world of craziness, with all their antics they are the most sensible things I know.

I plan to have them spend some quality time with me this summer. I tried to get in school, summer term, they were offering some of the silliest courses and they were all filled, go figure, so, I will be ready for the fall term..

That's it for me.. Are you wondering about Chopper?  I am too....

Have a good one Protagonizers

The End

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