June 4th 2009 - the Protagonist's diary

dear diary,

Today I had a job interview.

It's not the first one, but hopefully it will be one of my last. I want this job to stick! I want this job, period. I've been "training" for exactly this position. I want it so much, I can taste it.

But I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if I am one of the top three. I think I am. She circled my name. She was taking notes on my experience and circled my name. She wasn't doodling, she was making a note, a visual reminder, of me. I'd like to think that.

Summer vacation is here! It's like a second New year's. You have such plans, aspirations, hopes, for the summer. I like to go into summer with a checklist of things to do, to spend the days in the best way, because I won't get them back. Sure there'll be sick days, or lazy days, but I want most of them to be spent doing something enjoyable.

One of my goals is to re-read many of my books. I may not get to the library so often, but I have plenty to read, to enjoy anew, his summer.

I have other goals, but time is running out. I have other obligations!

So until next time,


The End

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