March 23rd- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

dear diary,

Ok so i know its not March 23rd and it hasnt been for nigh on 3 months but i've been busy in that time, i promise. Writing this on the 4th of June i unwillingly find myself a year older and i swear that when i look in the mirror to comb my hair after a shower i have more and more grey hairs each day :(. Im 19 and have grey hair. Oh well at least im not at the receding hairline stage just yet.

Reading Jinn's post previous to this made me giggle about his "friend" dissing the Jehovah's. As an agnostic i'm interested in how the Witnesses view religion even if there are aspects to their ways which i could never abide by.

I find myself here thinking where has my year gone. It only seems like yesterday that i was lying in my bed at home thinking how miserable my life was as i lay in bed with pneumonia but obviously thats nothing compared to the fact that i find life zipping past me faster than....well, something bloody fast. *sigh* I've handed my last assignment of my first year at university in and what more proof is that than life zooms by not caring whether you're moving with it or watching helplessly as it flies by.

I've posted a new story up and i'm actually into it which makes a change, the words just keep flowing so i'm not stuck in my usual rut of re-reading and re-editing. I also seem to have a captive audience for it amongst my friends, so glad im not shy about my work. But then with all the lovely people at Protagonize its hard to be shy. There are too many to name without someone dropping me a message and insulting me but i will name Jack, Olius and Jinn, oh and the forever placed River talker :D

I'm rambling now so i'll sign off and let some poor person try and think of what to say next hehe.


The End

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