March 14th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

I want  so badly to wallow, you know, just sit here and feel sorry, just sit here and cry.. (well I do cry) .

I have those people around me that always remind me of how good I have it, how bad this person has it, or what if it were this way for me.. 


I feel sad, mad, and every other ad there is, just because I see, hear, walk, talk, , doesn't mean it is a happy pill for me, I know there are people dealing with far more than I am but, isn't what I feel important?

I think I'd rather have a physical pain, I could take something for that.. Anyway, I am going to have a beer, which should really be something, since I don't drink lol..

Enjoy your day Protagonites!!!!

The End

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