March 11th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

So, Diary, as you know, I've been subbing long term in a wonderful school surrounded by wonderful people.

The school has had plans to move 15 classrooms and the first wave of moves has begun!

This means I have been moved out to a closet. Yes, Diary, my classroom is now shared by rows and rows or neatly organized and hung clothes the school gives to kids who soil themselves. It is a tiny space. But it's mine.

It is strangely remeniscent of moving all our stuff from a big two story house to a much smaller one two years ago.

There's something about having all your stuff packed away in a box and manhandled. You just feel better if YOU'RE the one handling it.

And there's also something about having exactly what you need, paring down to the bare essentials. It's kind of freeing without all the crap.

But I'm in this closet for only two days. Then I'll be transient, bunking in any open classroom for a few days, and moving on to a new open classroom.


Might be better to stay in the closet! It feels more secure, less crazy. But maybe.. maybe I need less security in my life right now. maybe I need to cope with some change and prove to myself I can do it.

Here's to new challenges!

The End

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