March 8th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

The Dandelions came today, Devin has the big hair, I told him he needed a haircut, but, he likes it like that.. One thing, if he hits his head, it should be protected. 

Zoe-Rose.. getting tall, skinny like her mom, she drew me a picture of one of the alien creatures I enjoy so much : )..  You know it won't be too many more years and I will have to look up to look into their eyes, the oldest Dandelion is already taller than me (which isn't saying much)  And he has a deep voice.. How time does fly...

Spoke to my guy, we have established, in fact,  he said for me to face it, {he is an a--hole}  I agree, but he is my a--hole, I accept that.

I want him to face what I said too.. accept me for me.. with all my craziness, when I want something, I will ask, if I don't like something, I will let him know, of course, he is cool calm and collected.. unlike me, I am a basket case.. swear I don't know when that happened.. Anyway, it is cold and the heat is off... going to wrap up in my throw and turn on the heater ..

Stay warm Protagonites..

The End

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