March 7th- the 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary..

I have to write this, cause I want it to be up to date, I am in a tizzy.. I don't know what happened March 5th, feels like the twilight zone.. anyway, I have been adding stories to my site, and this has slowed my progress on the book.  I can't seem to turn my brain off.  Feels almost like an electrical storm so, I have decided to go back to school.  Maybe that will help my over worked brain stop and take a rest.

This past week we were all informed (Time Warner Cable clients) that our signals were going out because of sun spots.  Fortunately, my internet has been working pretty well although slow at times.  Watching a movie has been a real kick in the head, get's to the middle and FREEZES!!!! 

Let's see... hmmmm guess that's it, nope wait... my do I sayyyyyyyy????  WHAT RELATIONSHIP!!!  yep that's it..

And the band played on Protagonites..

The End

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