March 5th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

March 5th, 2009

March 6th, 2009

Hey again, Diary.

Alright, first some self-news: after months and months of preparation, the big piano competition is tomorrow.  Geez, I'm so excited!  I can't remember the last time I was this pumped for a competition.  Perhaps it's because of all the early-morning practice I've been getting in lately.  Or maybe it's because I'm just so ready.  I'm not saying that arrogantly, I mean it.  I've done what I needed to do to get this point.

Saw the play You Can't Take It With You last night, absolutely excellent.  There was a bit of a set malfunction (the back of the couch onstage fell off), but they covered so well.  Besides, the family in the play is so zany that it wasn't too hard to cover.  I guess there was also some improv that had to be done to fill in a late entrance, but I didn't notice it until someone told me today.  I guess that just shows how awesome the cast really was.  Seriously, I think it's much harder to do straight plays as opposed to musicals, for the following reasons: 1) the cast is much smaller, so each individual must be very good, as there are fewer people to cover a mistake, and 2) the action's much more exposed.  There's no big chorus number to gloss over a misstepped line.

Speaking of plays, and as it's March, that means it's close to Script Frenzy time.  It's basically NaNoWriMo for playwrights.  One has to complete a one-hundred-page script (or, as I like to do, a collection of smaller scripts) in the month of April.  I attempted it last year; I fell short, but at least I tried the scripting waters.  Perhaps I'll get farther this year...
Anywho, I thought I'd mention that, as I'm among a community of writers.  Excellent ones, I should add.  Perhaps others'd be interested in looking into ScRenzy this year, as well.

Well, off to do a bit of last-minute piano tweaking!


The End

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