March 2nd - The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

It's March, yippee!! Whatever lol..  I am doing research, trying to find out about a phobia. 

You know I am glad I posted the piece about phobias, I am learning more and more.  Did you know there isn't really a phobia for the fear of a butterfly?  and, a Caterpillar is between worm and moth like, with the end result being a butterfly.

Oh yes, my dog with the little head and tight eyes,  in trouble again.  He decided he wanted to redecorate the living room, so when we walked in there it looked like it had snowed yea, from all the stuffing.. from my couch pillow.  It was very sunny and bright, yea.. he pulled the drapes from the window..

He is the first casualty of a run by pillow whipping.  He thinks he is really being misused cause now he has to be on his leash.  If I didn't think it would be cruel and unusual I'd tie his muzzle to his feet, stupid dog.

I think I am going to find the MIDIEVAL BOOK of PUNISHMENTS for DOGS

Anyway, fellow Protagonites have a good one!

The End

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