February 22nd - The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Hmm. Where to start. Oh yes, obviously.

Dear Diary,

I only have 17 minutes left to post the entry for today, so I better get cracking!

It seems so strange that I have not written anything on Protagonize for so long. It doesn't actually seem that long either. I think perhaps my creative juices were dried out by the amount of work I was doing. Hasn't much changed!

I was thinking about resolutions in the New Year. I don't think I made any, though I suppose I should. Not to stress over work would be my first. Or maybe countering the stress by actually doing the work before sheer panic sets in.

I'm good at procrastinating.

I got back to university yesterday from a reading week, and I can already hear Mowgli (yes - thats his REAL name) from downstairs screeching on his guitar. Not in a good way. It burns.

I have missed writing on here and reading all the new stuff posted- I'm way behind! It might take up a few hours just browsing through some old and new things...no no, bad idea. I have enough to distract me already. Yesterday I was attempting to plan an essay and got distracted by my cat flicking a piece of fluff back and forth across the floor. I know. It's bad. Very bad.

I think my number one belated new years resolution is to return to Protagonize and contribute more often, thaw my creativity so to speak!

Hope to hear more from you all soon.


The End

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