February 21st- The 2009 Protagonists Diary

February 21st! Where has the new year gone! That New Year's Baby is toddling around on two legs and taking off!

Diary, I am sad to report I have been AWOL from my writing. :( My jobs have been keeping me very busy! I have a case conference coming up and have to prepare all of the documents fro that, plus all of the documents for another conference I'm not even going to. Luckily, grading the papers of my students is easy. It takes longer to enter the grades into the gradebook than to grade them. And lesson planning is almost done FOR me.

But enough about work. This is the WEEKEND! I don't want to think about work.

The kids are playing various video games, the husband is asking me to clean the house (which I promised I would) so I have to put down my pen and climb out of my chair and get to it!


I've already cut his hair, so I'm making progress on my chore list even this early in the morning! :)

So sorry so short, but I'm still busy!

The End

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