February 20th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary,

I am now in my 72nd year, and I wish Ficlets, and Protagonize had been around when I was young, but, come to think of it computers weren't around then either. Finding Ficlets and then Protagonize, and the amazing talents who reside here have humbled me. I have learned that thirteen and fourteen year old children have much more talent than I. I started writing when I was twelve, but my spelling was so bad I doubt anyone could read what I wrote. It  has taken me years to learn spelling, and puntuation, but to be a writer that is very important.

I have learned that I cannot write in all genres, some are just beyond my ability.  I write for the entertainment value. It's fun playing God, and moving characters around. And what's even more fun is when a character refuses to do what you want, and strikes out on their own. I have collaborated with several writers, among them, ElshaHawk, Jinndal, JoyceFreedom, and others, and with each of them the direction of the story was changed. I have picked up knowledge from writers as young as 14. I have tried to help young and old writer alike, and I enjoy comments on my writings. I promise to make more comments, and write more.


The End

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