February 19th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary...

I have been watching, and I am amused. This thread is neglected. It suffers from inertia, and it is being propped up by the miserable efforts of one single person. It is withering.

This is typical. An idea springs from some pathetic mind, and everyone jumps on board, praising it to the clouds. Then, mere days later, it falls into disuse. It withers.

Just look at that ridiculous "Protagonize Character Placement Agency." Ooooh, what a great idea, everyone said. Oooooh, this is hilarious, brilliant. Now they're running out of ideas. Hahahaha. Once they brought me into that story, everything else was anti-climactic.

This website is dying a slow death. That makes my job even easier. I shall bide my time; I shall be patient. And then I shall strike. I shall be swift and merciless.

And then the site will be mine.

But for the moment, Diary, I am content to watch.

And wait.

The End

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