February 16th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

OOOOOH, I wasn't even going to post today until I realized there is a MADMAN amongst us.

Something will have to be done.. Does he not know that good always triumphs over evil?

He does not understand that he is in the shadow of such great power only one word would incinerate him.  He speaks of inviscerating, removal of limbs, subjugating, pfft..

He should enjoy his cognac for it may be his last. 

And then again, perhaps he will enjoy being engulfed, enfolded, consumed.. Maybe the creeping of the word from his feet slowly inching up to his head will intice him to cease and desist his intolerable desire to take over Protagonize..

To arms Protagonites.. keep on with the grand comments, accelerate, proliferate, march on..

The power of the word has been used, will be used again and in fact.. he did himself use it...

The sheer weight of it, he does not understand what he has done.. enjoy your drink, get a last bite, your fight will not be long, remember... I have the word.

The End

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