February 12th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

What did I do today..  Well now, let's see.  I posted my story on another site, then received a critique, which was actually a total rewrite and explanation of my character, with grammatical notations thrown in.

If you have ever read any of my stories, you will know most are fantasies. The story I posted was not necessarily a fantasy but, more fiction.  And now I had to hear.. "It's ridiculous, things like that don't really happen!"  WELL DUH!

I spent the next few minutes explaining away my story until finally, I told her to take a hike.

I guess this is still a part of not taking criticism well?  I don't know, I think it's more insane people having an opinion. 

Anyway, things go as they go.. I am happy for Protagonize, I can let it out, read great stories and garner a few skills..

May the force be with you!!!!

The End

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