February 11th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

Another day, another day I learn something new and ridiculous.  You know, I don't appreciate it when people meddle in other peoples' business.. BIG SIGH HERE..

Continue, I am making an exception today, I watch the news every morning, it informs, and it ticks me off, I need to know, yet, I don't want to, it makes me tired at best. 

Well, there is a website..  www.thenadyasulemonfamily.com, don't quote me on this I believe that's it.  You know who she is.  I read the story about her website, which is basically to ask for donations to help take care of children she decided to bring into this world.

Please understand, she has the right to have as many kids as she wants, she doesn't however, have the right to make such a decision and then ask people to help.  The ones that will suffer for this, are the little ones, they're innocent,  and her parents.  She has no way or means of taking care of her babies, but!!! I do have an idea.. Why doesn't the government, make Dr. Frankenstein, The Implanter take care of them.. 

I know some people will find it harsh, what I have said, I don't really care, I raised 6 children, I worked, I lost my job once,  It took a while to find another job during that time,  my unemployment ran out, you cannot imagine, how I was treated, how I was talked to, how deep they dug into my business, I had only needed the help for a month or two.  I will never ever forget that experience.  Once I found another job, I remember receiving a couple of checks in the mail from Social Services.. I took them back, luckily I walked them into the office, because they tried to say I kept them..

I agree with her mother, her actions have been unconscienable.  I pray for the little ones and, her parents.  Ok, ranting, raving, I'm sorry, it's just amazing...

The End

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