February Ninth, the 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

It's raining, I love rain actually, I feel sorry for those that have to get out in it, it can be a mess. 

I just finished a story on another site, I stopped to let my fingers open and glanced at the boob tube. 

I watched as the story unfolded, an eight year old girl named Shiloh, wasn't expected to live even this long.. She has a condition called {sirenomelia}.  A condition known as "Mermaid Syndrome"  The legs fuse together.  She has surprised doctors because they didn't figure she would survive, since her internal organs are malformed.

I immediately called the Dandelions, they were getting ready for school.  I felt the need to hear their voices, I wish I could have been there to wrap them up in a hug.  Then, I went down upon my knees and thanked Jehovah for all of the wonderful things I have. 

When I see a story like this, it makes me feel not just sad but, pathetic, helpless, insufficient, selfish.. I have so many things, God has been so very, very kind to me, still, I find myself griping and complaining.

My grandmother used to say, "you complain because you have no shoes, look over there, there is a man with no feet."  Of course at the time, I thought grandma was a nut but, how right she was.

Understand me, I am no goody two shoes, and I am far from right, in fact, God is mad at me right now, right this very moment. But, when I see these things, I feel so very humble, this little girl, was amazing, with all the things she has gone through and, with what she will encounter in the future, she is brave, beyond words, she is strong, with a will power to rival all...

So Dear Diary...  I think I am just a little bit better for having heard about a little girl that has beaten the odds so far..

Shiloh Pepin..

The End

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