February 7th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

Today was quiet, I did some writing.. I spoke to the Dandelions.  I try to keep myself busy, which I usually am but, there are those moments when there is a lull and it gives me time to think.

My thoughts are not happy right now, they flitter around like leaves in the wind and, there are too many for me to sort out, I have questions but, I believe I already know the answers, just need to have them voiced need them to be sent out into the universe.

The thing is, I will survive, I always do, but just once, I'd like to leave sensibility behind.  I want to rage and storm, I want to scream, curse, I want to cry, I want to go "WHY ME, WTF DID I DO!!"  but, I think if I allow myself to do that, I won't know how to stop.. So I will be silent, I will cry silently.. then I will close up, lock out, barricade, reinforce, fortify.. I will move on..

Don't feel sorry Protagonites.. Jinn is a rock, albeit cracked...

The End

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