February 6th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

Yea yea, it's me.  Have to keep this thing going, told you OCD, it would drive me insane (further insane) if I came back March 1 and it was still sitting at February 6th.

Well, I made a decision today, not exactly today, more like three days ago.  There has been a custom in my ahhh, relationship, for me to do all the writing, all the calling, I have done all the chasing for the past two years,, guess what??? I am f---g tired of it..

Someone told me, that I was being selfish, what.. because I feel if he thought about me he would write or call.. wow silly me.  So here I sit, counting like the clock on the wall.. fighting back tears and telling myself he will call..

Tired of that crap too.. what could make me feel better?  Something he could never compare with, something I am sure he would not understand, something that absolutely steals my breath away, something that makes me feel necessary, something so awesome it boggles the mind.. THE DANDELIONS!!!!

Oh yea babe.. I will kiss the Dandelions, they will kiss me and he can kiss.....

Even still, I love him dearly (tears)..

The End

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