February 4th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

¡Oye diario!

Why must I keep remembering how frustrating research can be?  Broad, odd topics are great, but they can be so dang picky when it comes to actually finding relevant information.  But as long as I'm finding something I can use for my history project, I should be alright.

Oh, yes, didn't I tell you?  Because of the surreal lack of time I have to finish this huge history project (that I'm not entirely convinced I can finish well and still get a decent amout of sleep), I'm going to continue being a figurative-music-and-history monk.  In other words, all I'm going to have time for is eating, sleeping, 2hours of piano practice, and this history project for the next week and a half.  (You know how there are always people who procrastinate whenever it comes to projects?  I have no idea how any of them could survive this... I'm on schedual, and I'm barely alive!)

But I digress.

You know what I love about completely secret journals?  One is free to ponder.  I've been thinking about that Diabolically Villainous Challenge I have out, and how successful its been.  I have another idea for a challenge, but I'm not sure how it'll be received.  The challenge is this: write a vignette with a Monty Python spin.  The last time I did the challenge I had to announce a winner by default.  People told me it was a good idea, but couldn't think of anything... I wonder what would happen if I issued this challenge here...

Too bad no one can see this and won't be able to give any input...

Ah well.  Off to continue being a figurative monk, the Book of Foner (aka our history textbook) is knawing at my ankle again.


The End

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