January 31st - the Protagonists Diary

Dear Diary..

My son bought me a new computer, I looked like a kid in the candy store when he brought it in, I actually cried but, (that's a secret)..

I plan to give my other computer to the Dandelions, that way they can do their school work and, there is a game that Zoe-Rose loves to play, Super Collapse 3.. let me tell you she is 6 and very good at it.

Now, I am also in a tizzy, will someone please tell me, what is soooo goooood about LOVE?  So far it has only served to make me a crazy woman, irrational, selfish, longing and craving for another human beings time and affections... What's so good about that?

I used to be happy, sensible, talented, giving and even tempered, all of that,,,, out the window.. Now I swear I am a craven lunatic.

I have decided I am going to put up some kind of fight against this, you know.. Rage against Love????   And I tell you truly, when I win, this will never ever happen to me again.

Until then, I will be glad when Kentucky has electricity again.. (sigh)

Protagonites.. Don't let this happen to you!

The End

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