Dear Diary,

The 30th of january has been and gone in a whirlwind of emotion for me. I had lots of mundane duties at work so I was left to my own thoughts, always dangerous - mainly unfortunately of yesterdays post.

I am also at a funny point of limbo, despite my job being dull my life has been good of late, I have a beautiful 4 month old niece, I sorted my head from it's depressive state of the previous six months (and those which resided within), my self confidence and body image have been the highest I can remember in years and I had a wonderful holiday at new years - yet I have been hurt badly this week, I have been cut out of my friend's life, his choice not mine, one of my closest friends and I have no explanation for it.

The words 'backstabbing' and 'betrayal' have been used and although understanding of the fact he might not want to talk about this with everyone, I do feel I am owed an explanation - it may be easier to comprehend the sudden switch in attitude if I knew what I was being accused of- though I can think of nothing which would prompt such a vicious action.

This is almost a half appeal, hoping he'll read this and want to actually agree to talk to me - I mean he can't ignore me forever can he?

Bit of random diary entry I know but that's what I am, my emotion has ruled my head today and even affected my performing at rehearsal. I've broken a new years resolution but hey ho we're not perfect.

I hope the 31st of jan is more joyous in emotional value for the next protagonist

E x

The End

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