January 29th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

So, it's only two and a half hours in to the day, but I feel that, not only do I need to jump at the opportunity to write now, but to share some of my thoughts. 

I've tried to write a diary before, I am actually fairly poor at it, my attempts at ritualistic writing are written at rather too long an interval to bother. I, perhaps once a month find myself wanting to write down my actual feelings. Most of the time, they churn from me in a torrent of poetry, I have little control over my verse. 

The reason I feel like writing tonight, is because my world is in limbo. I am somewhere between the great depths of euphoria and depression, the conflict it seems energizes the writing fluid in me. This however is no laughing matter. 

I am in love, I never thought I'd be saying it again, but I truly believe that I have fallen. This is all good and well, but my world has been torn, because a good friend of mine has simultaneously stabbed me  in the back. I guess I'm not overly surprised, her acts of recent have been getting to me more and more, and now the icing is on the cake, and someone is getting ready to dig in. 

Ok, very well, so betrayal it is, I can deal with that, but the betrayal is knowledge of my loved one, and she doesn't want anyone to know why I am in such deep anger with my old friend, so here I am between the rock and the hard place, my anger and the trust of my lover. Isn't the world a crazy place.


The End

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