January 28th - the 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary..

It's cold here in Beaumont California, beautiful, clear as a bell but, cold none the less.  Of course, not as cold as Kentucky.  Yes, I spoke to my guy and it was snowing.  It snowed here in December, I was so excited, I sent him a text.  He laughed and said, yea I hear you guys got a couple inches.. Well snow is snow...

Anyway back to today.  I am expecting a visit from the Dandelions, they are dying to share all the things they have learned.  So I am getting dinner and dessert ready.  Before they arrive though, I want to finish the stories I am working on. 

I am also happy about adding to a couple of pieces posted by Coach.  His stories are very profound, thought provoking and quite cynical lol.. I can relate, someone told me that I was the same way.. (Not true)  So now, Protagonites, continue writing, continue using those wild imaginations..

I have to finish dinner!

The End

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