January 23rd-The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary..

What a day.. I haven't done a thing actually.. However last night I did send Chopper something, I got no response, so I wonder, hmmm was it too much, so I ask, still no response..

Is it going back to the iggy days of yesteryear?  Or perhaps my service is floundering again.

After two years, we are still getting to know each other and I have to admit, I get fearful sometime. 

We were both blind sided in the beginning, I warmed up to it, accepted it, he ran, and though we have agreed to see where it goes, because of the distance, me thinks, he still runs.

So as I said, what a day.. One thing here, we both live in the United States of America and, we have invented a miraculous thing, TRANSPORTATION!  Cali to Kentucky,  Kentucky to Cali.  We have planes, trains, automobiles, let's not leave out buses or, boats if that were applicable in this case.. It can be done, on my behalf, just say the word, it will be done. 


The End

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