January 17th-The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

This year is going to be different, I am going to get off my (you know what), put my stories together and get them published.  Of course, this is the same thing I said last year and, the year before that.  I am batting a great third in hitching up my git-a-long.

But right now I am just enjoying my time here, on this site, here at Protagonize, here where there are other minds that shouldn't be wasted.  Here where (thank god) someone else can take up the slack and PARTICIPATE!

I feel like a mad woman when I get an idea in my head... It has to come out.  It doesn't matter what time or, what I am doing, when the idea hits, I must put it down cause if I don't guess what??? Gone, like so much chaff, gone.

My 55 year old brain is no longer a sponge or a Shamwow, it doesn't retain, I think my off spring sucked all the life out of it..  So when I feel the urge to write.. I do it then, right then, on whatever, with whatever, it's nothing to see me write a story with my lipstick!  (joke)..

Anyway, I enjoy you Protagonize, in fact, I... I.. I think I love you!

By the way Coach.. It still makes a sound..

The End

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