January 14th - The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Hey again, Diary.

I'm kind of combining the 14th and 15th together, I hope you don't mind.

I've been kind of down lately.  My first writing home, Ficlets, is closing on the 15th.  It's displaced so many people, kicked out so much talent.  I'll be the first to admit, I floundered.  I despaired.

Frankly, I was freaking out, man.

Then I heard about Protagonize.  I poked around, naturally curious, but something didn't feel right.  Just... I don't know, something just wasn't right.  I left it alone for a while.

Then I found out more familiar Ficlets people were floating around, with more to come.  I shrugged, I figured I might as well join.  But I still couldn't shake that unfamiliar feeling.  I was feeling a bit of angst, I didn't like it.  I ranted a bit, not knowing if my words would be heard or not.  I didn't care, I just wanted to throw my opinions and feelings out there.

But response came.  All were supportive, advice from the Protag. People, kudos from the Ficlets Folk.  I felt like I did my job.

But more importantly, I think I also was kind of pulled into the circle.  I really want to say "thank you" to the Protag. peoples for accepting us all, for putting up with us, for supporting us.  I don't really quite know how to say it, but I just want to say "thank you."  They kept me from ditching, they helped me to embrace the change.  I'm almost glad you're a diary; "diary" implies that what I write here private.  But I really, really want them to know how much their kindness, and my fellows' continued support, really means to me.

Darn you language, and your barriers in expressing deep sentiment.

But you can't say I didn't try.



The End

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