January 13th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary,

My mind is blank.

How can this be? Ever since I started university in September my stories have slowly gathered dust. I dont know what to do, i hear music and immediately my mind is filled with countless possibilities that could be in there but as soon as i reach for a pen and paper to write them down the ideas flea like mice before the cat. This has never happened before and i don't like it.

But on a more positive note i was talking to Jack last night my on the spot continuation of his story seemed to go down well. I'm hoping that the story continues to go from strength to strength as i do enjoy reading and adding to his work.

But what i did yesterday does offer somesort of answer to my question. Maybe my mind isn't as blank as i thought, maybe its just that i'm no longer able to focus on the ideas as once i did, perhaps its because i sit down to long and try to write there. I must find some time to just put some money together, hop on a bus and sit on the back seat with a pen and paper listening to my mp3 and see what comes of that. A noble experiment to end my predicament i think.

I hope you aren't laughing at me diary, my writing is my life, if i don't write then unbound trouble will soon follow and then i'll know who to blame...


The End

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