The REAL January 11th- The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

Dear Diary,

I feel the need to write in here a bit earlier than predetermined. Reasons why I am so anxious to share my random thoughts of the new year? Well, the moment that TheRiverTalker asked me to write in here I was all giddy with nerves, not going to lie, but I feel more anxious over the fact that he is giving me this opportunity over anything else, considering that he is one of the most revered writers on Protagonize. So without much adieu Diary I write to you, in terms of a poem:

Every morning I awake,

To opportunities I must take.

My school is currently on a strike,

And that's somewhat okay, I can still type.

When I was younger and I found this site,

I knew it would be something that would affect me, for the rest of my life.

I would write and write, hoping to catch some attention,

But I would barely notice the amazing writers who made this place so full of affection.

Back then I was a fool, who only cared only for ratings,

But now I write my words without hesitating.

This new year I have made new friends,

Made new ideas for everyone to attend;

I have perhaps found future novelists who will one day,

Write novels, that in my curious hands may lay.

For this years resolution,

I have come to the conclusion,

That I will reflect on every writer to catch my eye

And a bond with them and their writing, I will tie.

Dear Diary I say to you clearly,

I used to be a selfish writer, who, about their writing, cared too dearly,

But starting this year,

I tell you all here,

That since I joined this family,

I matured into a writer happily.

That is my New Years resolution Diary, I hope that I can fulfill what I propose, though I started that a while back before the new year. I now pass the next day in the new year to the next entry, good day and farewell Diary.

Daisuki Desu,


The End

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