January 11 - The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

(actually, it's still January 10th here... but no matter...)

January 10th, 2009

Good morning world and all who inhabit it!

Yes, I'm all about the unconventional, the odd, and the silly.  This is something I know all too well about myself.

It's very familiar to me, see?

However, I think recently I've been a bit coy to the unfamiliar.  With the fall of Ficlets I decided I needed a place to keep writing.  Word on my end of the block was that many fellow Ficlets people were joining this one site... something called Protagonize?

Dragged along by my curiosity, I poked around a bit.  I finally mustered the umph necessary to join.  But something just didn't feel right.

Sure, there were names I recognized, but something just didn't "click."  I was close to ditching, figuring the confusion and coldness I picked up wasn't worth it.

But I waited.  It wouldn't be fair to just leave without giving my current sentiments.  Besides, I thought I might not be the only one to feel like this.  Maybe I was the only one willing to voice my feelings in this case.  I decided to write a rant (An Rant from an Impishly Bold Nobody), then see what happened.  I figured if people got ticked off, I wouldn't be welcome and I'd go elsewhere.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case at all.

Several wise Protagonists suggested I bring some of the old familiarity in to share with everyone, and they hoped I would stick around.

There was just something about that encouragement that told me to give this place another chance.  I began poking around, but without that "this doesn't feel right" feeling.  I stumbled over more familiar faces, and I began to discover new people that I enjoyed.

I think I should make more of an effort to embrace the unfamiliar.  Besides, if we didn't at all, how would things become familiar?  I guess I'm willing to put up with new stuff if others are willing to put up with my new stuff.

Well... that's kind of.... it.

Paz, amor, y chocolate,

~g2 (lpi)

The End

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