January 9 - The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary,

I start the new year off with reflection. It's been over a year since I began writing obsessively on the internet. I've met some awesome writers and made some friends.

What have I learned?


hang.. on.. someone's playing in the toilet...


Well, I've learned that I live for comments. And if I do, then others must as well, so I began commenting. And it got easier with time.

I've learned that I can write in different genres when challenged.

I've learned that others can take your story in a completely different direction and it is fun; to follow their lead, and go with the flow into this new direction. What happens is something magical!

I've learned about blogs and how to do them.

I've learned about NaNoWriMo and proven that I can write a novel in 30 days.

I've learned how easy it is to forget about life around you when you are sitting at your desk, reading, commenting, or typing up fresh new ideas.

I've learned to balance writing with housework.


hang on.. diaper duty...


So what changes will there be in the future?

Firstly, unlike DarkLiquid, I think every day should be like New Year's Day. We should make new goals as the year progresses. Not having any idea of where you want to be seems stagnant to me. <shrugs >


hang on... someone's in the fridge..


Where was I? Oh yeah goals...

I'm already thinking about a new novel for this year's NaNo. I need to finish the one I wrote last year as well. I'll try out my ideas here and see if one sticks. That means I expect comments from others. It doesn't mean I expect them right away, but I still expect them. Then, maybe, one day, you'll see that novel on a shelf, with my name, and you'll recognize it as having it's beginning here.


hang on... the mail is here with a package...


So anyway, despite what life throws at me this year, new jobs, new pets, family issues, money issues, vehice issues, know this: I will continue to be right here writing through it all. I will still be making friends, making stories, sharing comments, sharing criticisms, and pausing to take care of my kids.

Gotta run! That floor doesn't vacuum itself!


The End

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