January 8 - The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary,

Silly me; with all the fictional characters cluttering my mind, I can't even keep track of the date. It's either the 6th, 7th, or 8th. And January for sure, 'cuz I remember holiday akvavit, and receiving New Year's wishes from some of my new cyber-friends at Protagonize. I really must try to be nicer about answering things like that. (And to stay away from akvavit for another year.)

I should also remember this year to thank people like WyattAapr and RejectedMuse for so kindly adding to withering stories of mine.  In short, I really must chat more.

I had a good writing night, Diary: lots of wonderful stories running through my dreams. I woke up twice to jot ideas on my thoughtpad. Than I had a lousy writing morning, though. When I checked what I had scribbled during the night, I could only make out about half of it, and the rest was just disjointed words like serpents, tremblingly, and the phrase he springs out like an electric Slinky. Pretty useless.

From now on, I resolve to actually get out of bed and properly write ideas. I hate to think of the forty-four great novels that have seeped into my mattress over the years.

Speaking of Protag, there are daily delights that are like finding the marzipan nougat in the box of chocolates. Last night, I discovered a raft of clever chapters in the Psychiatrist story. I look forward to adding some whimsy about that nutty doctor there today.

I'm glad diaries are private. Nobody'll know that I'd like to see the Ficleteer refugees writing longer stuff. I'd also like better spelling from some of Protag's young wordsmiths.

I mean, atrocious spelling is like wrong notes in a good song, isn't it, Diary?

Another sad thing is that I won't be writing in this diary any more. It's just that I don't have time to waste on journals, since I'm hoping to read more Protag stories in 2009, and to offer and seek more advice and feedback.

Also, there are stories to write. For one thing, I've just gotta figure out what the heck that electric Slinky was all about.

Good-bye, Diary.

The End

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