January 7 - The 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary


I’m beginning the New Year with bank charges and visits to the dentist for root treatment – but what a slap in the face! I hope it acts as a torrent of cold water to wake me up and make me use the space I’ve created for anything other than watching bloody TV. I will turn it off. I’ve spent hours this weekend in front of so many repeated episodes of CSI. I promise to turn it off and write.


Writing means that I’ll spend more time here, having fun, reading and writing, extending other people’s imagination. I’ve been moving house for the past few months but the real culprit is the box in the corner. Before I moved here I didn’t have it on during the day at all: now it’s the second thing I do in the morning – and it’s only second because I have to pass the laptop (and switch that on) before I reach it. I do this before the kettle or the loo. CHANGE my routine; I tell people to do this all the time.


ER is on while I’m writing this and keeps grabbing my attention – Abby’s son is having a cat scan. My son is IM-ing me...life gets in the way, but I’ll try and be a better writer by making myself just write.

The End

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