January 5 - the 2009 Protagonist's Diary

Dear Diary, 

Maybe my eyes have finally opened. Maybe I've matured since I joined this site. Or maybe [and this seems more likely] my ego has resumed a size proportionate to my being.  

I'll be the first to admit my reasons for joining weren't terribly admirable. Just found it whilst scrolling through a list of sites reccommended by the school district. Liked the name. Nothing special. I guess I've always been a bit of a romantic; I probably saw myself ten years in the future as this big time author, weighing movie preposals and glancing over favorable magazine reviews in some coffee shop, occassionally winking at some reader gaping over his cup who recognized me from the dust jacket clutched in his shaking grip. 

I like to think I've advanced from this. 

I like to think that, while it's not an impossibility, I really shouldn't want be the kind of person who gets recognized in coffee shops. To get that I could just show up on America's Most Wanted. 

It wasn't anything dramatic that changed this little daydream. Nobody posted a tip like, "Gall, that's absolute bull! You oughtta be banned from this site!" or anything like that. No. It was more of this subtle realization, after hovering for a while, reading over the praises and critiques, the gentle elbow your way saying, "That's good, but what if you tried this?", when I figured out that this is real.

It's the genuine joy of creation that pervades this site.

It's the people that achieve this.  

A kind word, a compliment, a cheery greeting as you step in the door the first day. A boost up on this one place, right here, love, where it could be a bit better. I guess I never figured it could work like that. 

This is really what that little girl, scribbling, shaky-handed in her notebook on the way home on the bus needed. Back when she wrote just because she had a story where, even if she didn't know what happened next, she knew what should happen right then. She needed someplace to send her little story out, to see if anyone else knew what happened next.

We need to keep this innocence in Protagonize. 

Therefore, Diary, I resolve in this year 2009 to:

Post like I mean it: If I mean it.

Say "Hi" to the new guy.

Accept that supposedly 'new' guy's tips and [nicely] return the favor.

Comment! It means more to the writer than the reader. And does it really take that much time?

Remember that it's never too late to learn how to do it right. 

Remember that it's never too late to accept that, yes, I was doing it wrong.

Realize that I can't please everyone.

Realize that the only one I ultimately have to impress with any of this is me, but it is nice when others notice, too.

Welcome as many people as I can. You never know what a simple, "Hey, great name!" can do.


Archi Teuthis Dux

The End

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