January 3 - the 2009 Protaginists' Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I return to Protagonize in a new year, ready to embrace old and new inspirations. I find myself excited to return to familiar characters and continue their adventures, trials and tribulations as well as encountering new friends, enemies, and strange ones.

I find that as the year begins I am hopeful that I can continue to improve my writing and push myself to learn new skills, attempt new genres, and delve into different styles. I look forward to constructive criticism, advice on how I could make my writing better or express myself more fully. Admittedly, I prefer praise, but I am trying to be a better writer and I am aware that criticism is a better way to improve even if it leaves that unpleasant tinge of failure behind. I resolve that I will try to use any negative feedback as a spur to better myself, with or without useful criticism to suggest areas I need to work on.

Diary, I am so thankful for Protagonize and the people that make it a wonderful place. I found a home here and I want to do what I can to make it a home for others. I know I have not done as much as I should have. I need to look after orphans and look for inspiration in the works of other authors as much as I look at my own stories. There are so many wonderful people to discover here, so many authors to keep an eye on who I someday expect to see on bookstore shelves that I find myself overwhelmed often. I need to work on that.

There are things I know I can do to keep Protagonize the place that I love while still allowing it room to grow and change. I need to find those things, Diary. Encouragement to those who are new or unnoticed, or to those who are feeling neglected. Collaboration to encourage open stories that are one of the most interesting aspects of this site. Better feedback to other authors so we can all see both our strengths and weaknesses.

I rely on you, Diary, to keep me honest. To remind me that there is always room to improve my writing. I vow now that I will continue my own stories. Eveline will find her "Happily for Now," Ciara will learn Daniel's secret, Kristian will find her own way to deal with the demons of past and present. The stories I have begun with others will also continue, even if I have to nag them into eternity to keep it that way. I will find new writers to work with and not lose those I already enjoy.

I will find my inspirations in all aspects of life. Just maybe there will be a story idea that I will work on for publication. I found a new something that pushes me to succeed and I think this could be something I could do. I understand the struggle involved, and will be engaging in it for my academic pursuits. I think, maybe, this year I will be ready to do it for my creative pursuits also. Just a short story in a magazine or periodical, but I think it would be a worthwhile thing to strive for.

May this near year bring me all the knew writing I can handle, Diary.



The End

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