The 2009 Protagonists' Diary

I hope authors will take a turn to write the day's page. Try to follow format.

January 1, 2009

Dear Diary,

I write with the hope that this year will be one of profound thoughts translated into quality writing that will inspire even more profound thoughts in ourselves and others. 

I hope that we will appreciate and even emulate the writing of our colleagues so that we each may broaden, heighten and deepen our own writing skills.

I hope that we will invest more time in thoughtful commentary of "what was most effective" in each contribution rather than worrying about inflated ratings.  We need to see ourselves as a mutually supportive workshop of writers rather than as competitive entrants in some literary contest.

I hope that poets will stretch their prose muscles and prose writers with stretch their poetic muscles.

I hope that we all work on the craft of writing as well as the muse of writing, working on those 'pro tips" that  allow inspiration to be more effectively communicated.

I hope we will work on our grammar and the mastery of spell check.  At the same time, I hope we will dare to explore dialect and the colloquial.

And I hope that each of us will take a turn writing a page on the Protagonists' Diary for 2009.


... rivertalker



The End

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