Scorpio: Video Recording No 2

"I'm scared, my master says I must embrace the feral side within me to be free but I don't think that will happen. Can I kill?

I've tried to kill myself, to end it all but it's hard when your skin is impenetrable and your body is immune to toxins, apparently Scorpios can live forever and are (apart from possibly Cancer) the hardest to kill.

So I must stay here where I cannot hurt anyone and where I am apparently doing good for the world. Though I do not hurt people as much any more because I am not so full of fear yet prolonged contact will still cause danger.

It's worst at night, when I am left in the wake of the mistakes of my past, and I must see always the ghostly images that haunt my mind and make my soul shiver. There is only one thing that gets me by, always I wield the image of Lilly in my head and it makes sleep possible, it calms my mind and I can get by... barely. I live for the hope that one day, when I am free of my torment and feel ready to leave this place, I will find her and she will see that I have changed, that she may love me and we can be together. It is the one ray of light in my life that keeps me going, that gives me hope and makes my suicidal thoughts less appealing.

Maybe... one day."

The End

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