Scorpio: Another Mission

I looked down as I crawled along the ceiling, swathed in darkness.

There were four levels I could traverse. The ground riddles with many narrow walkways created by the large heavy machinery that looked like the rooftops of a cityscape, the metal walkways that looked upon the ground floor and the beams that kept the roof aloft.

This would be fun.


Things were running far too smoothly.

After we had tried to capture the kids to get them to work with us, we knew they wouldn't, we had failed big time. So then we tried to steal their powers and replace them in the captured children who would work for us, but some punk freed them. And now we were trying to clone them from samples we'd collected throughout our ordeals.

I made the rounds, all was quiet, I wasn't sure if that was good or bad.

"Mendez, you got anything?" silence, "Mendez, answer me," there was no answer over the radio. I frowned in annoyance and tried another, "Jowett, were is Mendez?" I called, again nothing, "Marsh? James? Scott?" 

I felt something near me. I turned around and saw something that was barely human. It was stood on the walkway looking at several dead bodies at it's feet, pale sickly bodies. It felt my stare and looked straight at me. It's own face was deathly pale with a sickly yellowish hue and long sharp fangs that frothed and dribbled from the mouth.  Its black eyes fixed on me. I readied my machine gun and shot but it jumped off the walkway and onto the machinery.

It ran along the sides, jumping from side to side making it difficult to hit.

Before I knew it it was right in front of me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you to all die!" 

The End

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