Virgo: Finally

"Vashti! I have something to show you! Get dressed and then come and talk with me!" Sasha calls through the door leading to my bed room. I don't have an alarm because I don't have to get up. EVER! Every teenagers dream right? RIGHT!

"Coming" I reply. I toss back my down comforter and slide off of my canopy bed. I still can't beleive that this is mine. I mean, my life hasn't been perfect, what with a dead mom and a pshyco dad, I learned really fast that everything has a bright side and a dark side. Just do with what you are given.

I skip over to my closet. I open the wood doors and step inside. I look around at the custom designed clothes. Karina really outdid herself this time. I zero in on the most perfect outfit.

After I am dressed, I go out to meet Sasha. She is reclining on the couch, smiling. I grab some frozen coffee and sit across from her.

"So, what is it?"

"This" She says as she slides over a magazine cover that I didn't see her carrying. As soon as I look at the cover I can't beleive it.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" I almost yell in my excite ment.

"You may thank me now or later, but I do beleive one is in store."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million. How did you get me on the cover of Rolling Stones? This is major! Does the band know? I am going to call them right now."

"Chill out for a minute. Breathe, drink your coffee, relax and savor in your agent's power. You guys are playing today at 3, so you have till then. And, I already told the band.


I am laying bed. Watching television. Thinking over how I got here. I mean I am in Los Angeles. I have a band. I am the lead singer/lead guitar player in the female rock band "The Rockettes".

For a while I was moving around randomly. Just trying to stay safe. Always trying to belong some where. I remember I almost did belong somewhere. This freak group of kids wanted to convince me that I was a "Zodiac", whatever that is.

One of them could make fire, one could control water. One lived in a drug house and smoked. The twins could read your mind.

I am not a freak. I don't have a power. It is not my fault I am gorgeous. After I realized they were going to recruit me, I decided to run again. I ended up in a coffee house on kareoke night. I decided to give it a try. A man came up to me after and asked if I wanted to become famous.

After that, It is kind of a blur. In three months, I formed a band with girls from a garage band that needed a singer. We bonded and became friends.

We wrote songs and had fun. Our first song went to number one for five weeks in a row. It was in the top ten for two months straight. I now have a malibu beach house with three floors.

How is that for a turn around?

The End

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