Libra: One Simple Phone Call

We were sitting in a cafe when Ike's phone rang. I could see him looking at the caller I.D hesitating.

"You gunna pick it up?" he looked at me then answered,

"Hello" I could here the other person on the line across the table,

"Hey Ike." thank god she phoned him,

"Hey Gemme"

"Thought I'd phone as Luca's out,"

"Oh, okay then, what did you want to speak about?"

"Nothing really, can't I speak to my brother any more then?" I heard her laugh,

"Of course you can talk to me, where's Luca then?" he rolled his eyes at me, at least he was trying to be civil.

"Thorn just got into a sticky patch," I skrewed up my forehead in concern, mainly for him but why did I not see that?

"What do you mean he got into a sticky patch?!"

"Jeese calm down Ike! he's all fixed up now,"

"We should be there helping them," I whispered, he nodded distracted, I just hope this didn't heat up too much. They were twins for goodness sake!

"What have you been up to then?" he changed the subject,

"Nothing much really, got our first house though!" she sounds really happy I thought to myself, sipping my tea. Thats when the bleeper went off. Crap, Crap, Crap!

"Did your bleeper thing just go off?" she quickly asked down the phone. "Oh crap, see you in a bit then."

"Umm, yeah. That's where we have a little problem." he put his hand on his forhead rubbing it as he put his elbows on the table.

"What problem?"

"Me a Lilly are kinda in England."

"What do you mean your in England!"

"We, well I, decided to go on a vacation,"

"Did you too get married!" she exclaimed,

"No, were not married" he smiled at me,

"Well now what am I gunna tell the others?"

"Tell them that were here and not there. Simple."I could here her give out a frustrated sigh.

"Is Lilly with you?"

"Of course she is"

"Pass her over then."


"Because I want to talk to her." he thought about it, but passed the phone over. I had no idea what she wanted with me.

"Hey Gemme"

"What the hell were you thinking when you took Ike to England!" I was shocked at her sudden out burst. No hello either. Before I could answer Ike snatched the phone away,

"Don't you dare blame this on Lilly!" he threatened down the phone,

"Whatever Ike, just get back soon." he slammed the phone down.

I let him calm himself before I spoke.

"Guess our holiday's cut short then." I tried to smile but failed. I stroked his cheek. "Hope no bodies hurt."

"Me too. Come on then, guess were going back to the big U.S of A." he smiled holding my hand and leading me back to the hotel.

The End

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