Saggitarius: Don't you judge me

Luca finally shows up.

"I'm so sorry but..... I can't take him to a hospital" I say as Luca kneels next to Thorns unconcious body.

He passes a hand over him. "Physically he's fine" Luca says. "Wait a sec..... there"

Luca stands up and Thorn sturs.

"Thank you" I sigh closing my eye.

"Yeah well I didn't want to help" he says angrily.

"Hey, did I call you three days ago when I got this" I show him the scar that scales down from my shoulder to my stomach but I only pull my top up part way.

Luca looks at it shocked.

I pull my t-shirt back down. "No and I'm not even asking you to heal it now" I hiss.

"Not my problem" he says sternly.

"It is actually... well yours and Gemme's. The guy who did this was a trained assasin sent for you. I, stopped him and almost died in the process. So don't judge me" I push him and he stumbles.

"Still not my problem" he says hiding all his emotions.

"Get lost jerk" I mutter walking round him to kneel next to Thorn.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and my scar heals.

"Go away" I hiss.

"So much for a thank you" he mutters walking off.

Thorn sturs and his eyes open. "Where's Luca?" he asks.

"Gone" I say hugging him.

"What did he say?" he sighs.

"It's my fault this time I was angry. He's hardly changed, maybe he has more love but everywhere else" I shake my head.

"Shh, I'm fine ain't I?" he says lifting my face.

"Yeah, come on"

The End

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