Saggitarius & Taurus


"Shoot" I duck down and reload the gun.

"Hm, remember the days when our life wasn't hit and run" Thorn says next to me. I turn and smile at him.

"Are life wouldn't be as fun then. Besides its keeping the other Zodiac's safe" I jump up turn and fire three rounds before ducking back down behind the car.

I hear cries of pain.

"Hm, good point" then he kisses me. "Lets go"

He takes my hand and we bolt. Making sure are trail is clear but complicated.

I don't know whats happened to the other Zodiac's everyone just went off on there own little errands.

"Uh, my stomach hurts" I mutter putting a hand to it.

"Hungry?" he asks.


We find a cafe and sit down ordering two fish and chips.

"So, plan two?" he asks. I can't help but smile.


Life is now complicated. Its great sharing the thrill of the chase with Arch but I'm starting to wonder weather we should calm down.

Maybe find the other Zodiac's again.

But that's a big no no.

Most of the other Zodiac's have now been lost off the trail. We've been keeping Anti-Zodiac group with a lot to deal with.

Never stopping always running.

But then it happened. They showed up again and I thought it was going fine.

Then I got shot.... with a dart. It put me into a coma and the last thing I remember is hearing Arch dial Luca's number.

So much for keeping them of the beating track.

The End

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