Libra: Words Don't Describe

I looked out of the window of the flight lounge, the sun was beautiful. Wouldn't get any of that in England.
Ike took my hand and led me to the gate, we had about half an hour till it actually took off. He pulled be in front of him.

"I love you." but before I could reply he put his hand into his pocket and revealed a small red box, a nit bigger then a ring box though, so he wasn't proposing. He kissed me softly and opened it, showing me the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have ever seen. It had a slender silver chain and a teardrop sapphire crystal. Must of gotten it pretty secretly, otherwise I would of seen it. I'm glad he did. It took my breath away. He took it out of the box and gently put it round my neck. I could see the glint in his eye. He smiled at me "I love you Lilly. No one can make that otherwise and with you by my side life will be heaven." he pulled me close and kissed me softly. "Damn it I love you."

"You've gone all red" I smiled up at him stroking his cheek. I tip toed and kissed him again. "I love you Ike. More then I could tell you."  he took my hand again and kissed it, we walked up to the stewardess to take our tickets. She gave us really funny looks. Maybe it was our display of affection, I smiled at her all the same though, we usually got those looks.


"You know I used to live here."  Ike said pointing out some flats in the taxi.

"I didn't know you used to live in England." I was leaning against him, trying not to fall asleep before we got to the hotel. It was a very long flight.

"Yeah." he sighed stroking my hair.


I opened my eyes with Ike's arms wrapped around me. Guess I fell asleep. I smiled to myself, this was turning out to be a good couple of weeks. Accept my mum. I wouldn't let myself think about it, I've been distracting myself for long enough, I didn't want reality to catch up with me just yet.
Somehow I was in a bed. Ike must of carried me up, but I was still in my jeans and shirt.

"You awake?" he whispered in my ear. 

The End

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