Ike: Fly With Me

I looked at Lilly, she looked radiant. Through the windows in the lounge area the sun caught her just right, making her skin glow. I smiled; taking her hand I led her to our gate. It was arriving in about half an hour, just enough time to turn to her and mutter an ‘I love you.’ But I couldn’t help admiring her sapphire blue eyes that glimmered softly, her blonde hair that curled ever so slightly at the bottom. I reached into my pocket, producing a small, red box. I kissed her softly and opened it; inside was a silver pendent that helped a perfectly cut, deep blue sapphire tear drop. I took it out the box and placed it around her slender neck. It matched her eyes; it wasn’t too dark or too light. It was more than perfect.

I smiled at her, my cheeks becoming a slight red as people began to look at us. “I love you, Lilly. No one can make that otherwise and with you by my side life will be heaven.” I got that from my sister, I’m the football star, the rugby star and I do sports and am athletic. The soppy love poems and verses are my sister. I’m the extrovert, she’s the introvert. I pulled Lilly close to me and kissed her lovingly before embracing her a little tighter. “Damn it, I love you.” I grinned foolishly.

I did, ever since I saw her I was captivated, her looks drew me in. Then I got to know her and it only seemed to sweeten the deal. Then she fell in love with me and it just made my life completely perfect. I was happy, well, apart from the fact my sister has fallen in love with a drug dealer that is no good for her and probably only wants to get in her pants... well, he has and from our connection, multiple times. Just the thought of it made me shiver. I closed my eyes, banishing the thought I savoured the feeling of Lilly’s fragile form in my arms, I was well-built, of course I was. I was just a little bit taller than her too. But that didn’t matter; it had gone deeper than looks. She had my heart and for her, she could have it.

The End

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